The idea of the City Beach stretching down the banks of the Vardar river has been one of the most controversial “Skopje 2014” projects.

It was one of the most emphatically publicised projects by the VMRO-DPMNE establishment which was meant to revive the forgotten banks of the river Vardar. The project was comprised of endeavours on two parts of the river’s west bank including sandy beach cafes with wooden platforms, recliners, chairs and tables as well as beach volleyball courts. This project was only functional for a brief period after the beaches were launched.

Today, the city beaches are far from the expectations and announcements in the enthusiastic proclamations and bombastic statements made at the opening ceremonies.

The City Beach in the centre of Skopje, near the Stone Bridge, never really opened and it has now been turned into a construction site, as part of the plans to build the City Ferris Wheel. This rendered the 276.559 euro government investment to revitalise this area absolutely futile. The other beach, near the City Park, is also far from a functional space where the Skopje inhabitants can find the activities and atmopshere promised in the government’s projections.

Available data for the building

Ammount in euros:
379.113 €
Ammount in denars:
23.315.469 den.
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