The change to the façade of the government building, a Modernist architectural solution from the 1970s, awarded at its time, is one of the most strongly opposed features of “Skopje 2014”.

To select the façade, the government used a specific method which involved an online poll for several designed. This method of selection aroused severe criticism whose regularity, validity and transparency was continually questioned by critics of the “Skopje 2014” project. The assertions were that the poll practically left the public with no option but to choose from the limited solutions offered, only to provide legitimacy for the decision to change the original work of the architect Petar Mulickovski.

For his part, he stated that he disagreed with the intention to change the appearance of the building, and that, as its author, he had the right to give his opinion and consent, but that nobody had sought it.

An additional argument was that on the Internet poll, 32 percent of the votes went to the design of Filip Bogatinov and Zarko Causevski, author of many buildings built within the project, all in the recognizable Baroque style.

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Ammount in euros:
17.697.427 €
Ammount in denars:
1.088.391.750 den.
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