The multi-storey car park “Todor Aleksandrov”, at Dame Gruev Street, opposite the Beko police station, became operational on September 8, 2015, a year later than planned.

The design proposal was prepared by Gradezhen Institut Makedonija AD – Skopje and the principal architect was Ljubin Makarovski.

Following the initial contract, the Institute signed two more contracts for additional services, in 2010 and another in 2011.

Initially, the city contracted the company Konstruktor Inzenering DD Split to construct the car park, which started work in 2011.

The city later terminated the contract, as the company had not met deadlines. On terminating the contract, and on the basis of performed activities, the city paid the constructor 55,732,410 denars.

In an international open call, the constructing company Beton AD Skopje was selected on the basis of having offered the lowest price. In addition to the basic construction contract, Beton concluded two additional contracts: one for unforeseen works and another to build an access ramp to the garage.

The 23-metre-high car park consists of two underground levels and seven levels above ground with a capacity for 605 vehicles and 105 bicycles.

Available data for the building

Ammount in euros:
17.338.436 €
Ammount in denars:
1.066.313.799 den.
Structure type:
Multi-storey garage
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