The sculptures on the “Eye” pedestrian bridge, later renamed to “Bridge of Civilizations”, represent historic figures from different epochs whose relics lie on the soil of the Republic of Macedonia and whose life’s work has left a mark on this region.

Hence, the bridge features statues of kings Perdika I, Alexander I Philhellene, Aminta III and the tsars Gavril Radomir, Ivan Vladislav and Stefan Dushan. The sculpture of the Serbian Tsar Dushan caused a dispute in the ruling coalition and an attempt by the Albanian DUI party to forcibly remove the statue towards the end of 2013.

The proposals of nine authors were selected. Seven pieces were made by one artist, Valentina Stevanovska. All the authors were paid 15,000 euro per sculpture and all were cast in the Jeremic foundry in Serbia.

Available data for the building

Ammount in euros:
648.740 €
Ammount in denars:
39.897.500 den.
Structure type:
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