The ceremony of laying the cornerstone of the Antenna System for control and monitoring of radiofrequencies in Macedonia took place in October 2013, attended by Prime Minister Gruevski.

The investor for the futuristic Atenna Tower is the agency for Electronic Communication, and the project is expected to be finalized by 2018.

The building will be the tallest in the country, towering at a height of 155 metres, with a central reinforced concrete collumn holding four console platforms with a surface area of 180 to 200 square metres.

The tower will be twice the height of the Millennium Cross and the Macedonian TV building, and taller than the new skyscrapers in the municipality of Aerodrom.

Its sophisticated equipment will allow the AEC to monitor the airing of radiofrequencies used by the public electronic communications services, the public radio and broadcasting service, private radio and broadcasting associations, air navigation and other systems. The tower will ensure disruptions in communication are prevented.

“The Tower will become a landmark of the city of Skopje,” Robert Ordanovski, director of AEC, said in 2013. “There is no comparable antenna system in the whole region,” he added.

The contract for construction went to the Granit construction company. The initial project was prepared by the Bild architectural bureau according to the design proposal of Stone Design. The project’s revision was undertaken by Balkan Consulting. The contract was valued at 18.5 million euros.

Available data for the building

Ammount in euros:
18.547.089 €
Ammount in denars:
1.140.646.000 den.
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Under construction
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